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Donald Fletcher - HughesDonald Fletcher-Hughes is a ballad pianist who has developed his own particular style which has particular appeal to his fans and those who are seeking music that creates a sense of peace and tranquility in today's busy world.

Donald plays live at the Esplanade Hotel in Fremantle, Western Australia.  He previously played at the Colonial Tea House from its opening until it closed in 2010.

Donald started playing piano as a 5 year old under the kind direction of Sister Mary Francis at a country convent in Pinjarra, a small country town in Western Australia.

Frequently more interested in the ants on the way to lessons than in the lessons themselves, Donald managed nevertheless to keep up his studies until the age of 16 when his considerable talent as a tennis player and teaching studies took over.

As an adult, Donald returned to the complex task of learning music theory. In recent years with the help of a gift from his wife of a magnificent Yahama baby grand piano, Donald has developed a unique style.

His love of people and his soul connection with the universe comes through his playing ... his greatest wish being that those who listen to his music spend moments of pure enjoyment with the great ballads and inspirational music that he interprets "with love".

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